Is Bet365 legal in Canada?

19 August 2016

In most countries around the world, it is easy and straightforward to place a bet online. However, that is not the case in Canada because of the country’s wagering laws that prohibit placing bets on illegal sites.

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If after clicking you see a bet365 registration form, it means your country is legit. You are free to register and legally play from your current location.
If after clicking a message appears that says: “You are not permitted to register with bet365 from the country you are in” then the operator is not legal in your country.

It is also important to note that in Canada, provincial government provides their sports betting sites. The provincial government betting sites are legal and residents place their bets there. However, in most cases, the provincial government betting has no wide variety of choices like the other sportsbooks, and they also have wide margins that do not give premium value for money.

Is Bet365 legal in Canada?

Not all is lost for Canadian sports bettors because they can still bet on offshore sites that are willing to sign up Canadian residents. The Canadian betting Law states that it is illegal to be placing wagers in an illegal betting house, but legal experts argue that because the online betting websites are located offshore, they are not Canadian Betting houses.

With this argument, it is legal for Canadians to gamble on the offshore online sites. However, depositing of funds with the sportsbooks might be a problem. Due to the risks and challenges of sending money overseas, a site that is in a safe environment, trustworthy and gives wagers value for money would be the best option for Canadians. It is always ideal to sign up for a site that has a long-standing reputation in the industry.

Bet365 legal

A betting company that has been in business for a long time usually has sufficient customer reviews that a first time user can rely on to authenticate the safety of a site. Wagers will always feel financially secure when dealing with a reputable site. Choosing an online wagering site for nationals of a country with stringent gambling guidelines is the best. When you came across a betting site that you are unsure, check it thoroughly using the independent sportsbook review sites.

Bet365 is today one of the world largest online sports betting sites and the most popular in Canada. History shows that Canadians began wagering on Bet365 since 2000 and over time it gained the reputation as the most trusted betting site in Canada with the best customer service, numerous money depositing and withdrawal methods and has the best bonuses during sign up in the betting industry.

Bet365 has made legal betting easier for Canadians because has user-friendly features on the site where sports wagers get a variety of betting options for the world and North American sports. The site is legally licensed, and the payouts are fast and also betting can be done in Canadian Dollars. Bet365 allows Canadians to bet using their mobile phones, computers and even live. The features that make Bet365 best for the Canadian market include:

Instant 100% Cash Bonus up Signing Up

The Bet365 Sign Up Bonus is the best in the market. When you register on Bet365, you will receive an email with an offer code that enables you to get 100% cash bonus for any deposits up to $200. However, this bonus is optional and if you do not need it do not enter the offer code, but if you need it, you must activate the offer code. In case you want to withdraw the bonus, you will have to meet some betting requirements.

Bet365 Instant Bonus

The requirement is that you must bet using your total deposit at least once to unlock the bonus balance. For example, if you deposited say $50 and you activated the offer code your balance will show $100 because you will receive another $50 bonus. You must then bet a total of $50 to unlock the bonus $50. Once you unlock the bonus, you can begin using it the right way. However, to make a full withdrawal including the bonus winnings and money you must wager your deposit at least three times. NOTE: Bet365 frequently gives customers bonuses on their site, and they have the same requirement like the signup bonus.

How do Canadians deposit funds on Bet365?

Bet365 offers the most variety of deposit options for Canadians compared to the other Canadian Friendly wagering sites. This is important because some banks in Canada block Canadian Debit and Credit card payments. When using Bet365 the best way to deposit funds is by using Personal Cheque, Entropay, Bank Wire, and PaySafeCard.

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